belook | verb : to look after

Belook Studio is the independent graphic design studio of Kelly Wallschlaeger

Kelly specializes in branding and design for small businesses, a niche that grew from her instinctual desire to “look after” fellow entrepreneurs in her Milwaukee community. That instinct, and her belief that good design can take small businesses to new heights, led to Belook’s focused mission: To provide small business owners with the clarity and confidence they need to build and grow something of their own, so that their heart’s work can also be the work that financially sustains them. 

Before starting Belook, Kelly worked with a wide variety of clients at various agencies — experience she now uses to help start-ups and small companies thrive. While she works with all kinds of businesses, she’s especially proud to partner with those owned by women and people of color, whose access to funding and resources has historically fallen behind other groups.

Kelly brings both empathy and a rare, bold curiosity to the table, asking thoughtful questions and listening intentionally to each client she works with. She puts her clients’ insights and her studio’s emphasis on human connection to work for their brands, helping them bond with customers and shine a brighter light on what makes them truly special.

Belook has clients in several Milwaukee small business hubs, including the Sherman Phoenix and UpStart Kitchen, and is connecting with more every day. Become one of them.